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Post Tsunami

Post Tsunami: "ravi"

Change? How much of it is predictable and to what extent? Just imagine what Tsunami has done to the Tourism Industry. How does one manage something of such magnitude?

The industry has to gear up and must have contingencies in place. This is also a very country specific issue. As to how did the country respond to it. This creates a huge impression on the foreign toursits.

I would be glad if you can chip in with yuor opinions and views on this.

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60 30 10 rule

60 30 10 Rule that works

This is a simple rule, if followed pays great dividends. Simply put , sum of 60 30 10 is 100.

Marketing: 60 30 10

Market 60% of time, Make new products 30% of time and Manage the products 10% of the time

Market … Make … Manage !

Selling: 60 30 10

Spend 60% selling to your existing customers. 30% Hi Pottential .. New Clients .. Short Term and 10% of the time Hi Pottential .. New Clients .. Long Term.

Training: 60 30 10

Enhance existing strengths 60% of the time. Add new skill 30% of time and 10% whatever you think is good!

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Responsible Travel

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GIVING SOMETHING BACK ... Zice Outbound is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever. We aim to ensure that our destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity for future generations.

This vision can only be achieved with the support of all of our travellers and business partners.

So how you can you play a part in reducing the impact on environments and cultures around India and the world.

We have been inspired by World Expeditions and have actively included Resposible Toursim in our vision.

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Cheers Ravi.

right food

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Right food at the right time would do a whole lot of good. And since entrepreneurs live out of their car, running around making presentations, meeting clients, buying soap ( doing all kinds of errand).

Small thing like having the right diet often gets a second hand treatment. And if one can have the right kind of diet it pumps up required oxygen (fact) to keep your energy levels going. I realized this the harder way.

Take care of your health and it will take care of you.

site of the day: www.brandchannel.com

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Number Game !

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Today we have decided to put the numbers on the board. And numbers, yes they have a story of their own. They bring you back to the reality.

We were complacent that our revenues were on the rise. But we ignored that our expenses started creeping up. Though it was a scary exercise, I believe that start-ups must regularly start looking at the numbers. This has to become an important process in the running of their business. Fortnight revision would be a great thing to start with. As this would always remind them of the need to market and sell.

Link of the Day: www.theonion.com

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Learning .. Liviing.. Looking

ravi dabbiroo

This is a self assessment tool for a individual and a entrepreneur. Learn form the past. Live in the present. Look forward for the future.

Learning from the past is an important exercise that an entrepreneur has to incorporate in his tool set. E.g.: Our recent experience with a client in terms of service agreement mentioned in the second blog, was a key – learning for us. We have incorporated signing of service agreement with the clients as a compulsory practice. Though sticking to the service agreement is a difficult preposition with the client. This is a tough stance that we have taken.

Live (work) in the present. This is a dynamic indicator: a mix of the past and future. Let me share a “pre execution“experience. The client after signing the agreement was behaving in a way that was detrimental to the agreement. The pretext was that the future business dealings have to be taken care of? Now is that a carrot that is thrown in our way? Or is he sending us a warning signal: That the future business could be affected. How does one act in such a scenario. The best thing is to pause for a moment take some time and think of the best possible execution. Here it is critical to know the strength of the product. Since we at zice believe in our execution of maximizing the camping experience (the product) has taken a call to stick to the agreement. Though with the client this decision has not gone well. Here was a situation where we have to live in the present, looking forward for the future.

With this I look forward for the future.

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Solo Trek to Garhwal and Inductive learning ....


this is what blogging can do... i am blogging this from dehardoon.. was on a solo trek reccee'ng the rough garhwal. the adventure started right from the word go...

i have reached new delhi station at 2200 hrs top catch my train to doon... as my turn in the counter came to buy the ticket I was gladly informed that the train starts from old Delhi station... Boy with 20 mink in hand I had no other option but to rush to old Delhi station... Knowing delhis traffic that was an impossible thing to do ... ( impossible is a big word thrown in by people... the adidas ad ... that pepped me up ) and i had to take the risk..

learning 1

ps: there are special auto drivers in new delhi station whe specialize in this service of "flying" the confused passengers from new delhi station to old delhi.. and ofcourse this service comes at a premium... if you ever face scuh a situation relax... 15 mins dot is what they take to land you in the old delhi station.. passing thro some lanes.. god knows which lanes are that....!

the premium that they charge is any where between 50 rs to 200 rs... sensing your urgency.. so keep your cool and if if you have 15 mins at hand. You know the right price to bargain for..

also please do confirmmmmmm which station is it new delhi or old delhi... tackling the problem at the root...

day 1

After having reached deharadoon, i boarded the mussorie govt bus ( ofcourse to reach mussorie) ... costs 23 rs.. avoid taxi pit fall... dehardoon to mussorie is connected well by bus service.. taxi would cost 85 to 100 rs per person..

If you tend to go to any place for the first time .... relax and look for information.. else you will waste your money... on taxis and middle men... i call these guys the timps ( travel pimps )

... need to catch my tarin to delhi... will continue this series... tommorrow..

power games


power games ... learn them how to play!

As an entreprenuer one works on shoe string budgets..so there is very little scope of gaining a high ground through monetary spending. Entreprenuers do need to over come this. BUT HOW???

Effective Power Play .. is what one needs to play! And play it to perfection.. yes the risks are high. So are the dividends if you paly ot right.

Timing: This is the most important aspect in gaining a high ground. You need to know in which direction the wind is heading.

Sanctity: One needs to maintain the sanctity of the moves one make, else there is high probability of back fire.

Happy Power Play!
Cheers Ravi

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