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Zicelife is a company started by Ravi Dabbiroo : We deal in Outbound Training, Corporate Offsites, Team Building Workshops in Delhi and Hyderabad. www.zycexplore.com/#outbound

Outbound Training Program : Onmobile

Being the pioneers in conducting highly effective Employee Engagement Programs in Northern India, particularly in Delhi & NCR, ZICE rolled out their Engagement initiatives towards South. In first such execution ZICE executed well planned and objective based (Team Building, Motivation, Leadership) engagement session for OnMobile in the luxurious ambiance of Pragati Resorts at Hyderabad. As a part of their PAN INDIA Rollout, ZICE is executing countrywide employee engagement programs for OnMobile at many locations other than Hyderabad like Mumbai, Gurgaon etc.

The engagement session lasted for 4 Hrs and started with creative energizers and ice breakers which resulted in initial gelling and bringing all the participants at the level where they are willing to contribute voluntarily. Ice breaking was soon followed by team formation activity in which participants came up with highly creative team names, team slogans and team insignia. That also helped in bringing up the energy level as they shouted their respective team names and slogans.

To harness that enthusiasm the team synchronization activity (Hoopla Down) tested participants at their coordination and ability to work in teams. Later the activities like Dragon Tail, Namesake, and Murder Mystery enhanced the engagement and witnessed great deal of participation in activities demanding talent, teamwork, analytical skills, leadership, motivation, strategy, planning and execution.

One best thing that facilitators witnessed this time was the great deal of interest and support by the coordinators from OnMobile, Ms. Seema & Ms. Shikha who also assisted in effective execution of all the activities and facilitated the program towards memorable execution. Such assistance and facilitation in the long run is going to help respective HR to manage Inhouse Employee Engagement Interventions.

So employees at OnMobile head office, Hyderabad got fully engaged, now it’s time to move to Gurgaon.

Lead Trainers for the Program : Ravi Dabbiroo and Kishore Repaka

SAP Labs India : Outbound Teambuilding Program

Quest to develop excellence in the diverse teams SAP is taking consistent initiatives to avail all the resources of Human Capital. SAP feels that engaging them in competitive work, providing attractive salaries and perks is not the only motivation factor, most of the employees look for promising career and an opportunity to develop social skills.
At the elegance of Sariska Palace, SAP recently planned 2 Day Outbound Learning Program for 20 of its employees. The participants pertaining to two different teams and working in different functional units needed to have better interaction, facilitation and communication. ZICE again executed the effective learning program to assist SAP attain its objectives. The session started with interactive icebreakers to facilitate initial gelling and help participants attain comfort level. Ice breakers were followed by Team formation activities on random basis and teams needed to come up with creative Team identity, slogans and insignia. It was followed up by specifically set of designed activities like Hoopla down, Blind Cross Over, Dragon Tail, and Construction Game etc which tested teams at their bonding, synchronization, coordination and collaboration.
Teams were also given time to enjoy leisure and share light moments of fun and humor. Being the tiger reserve there was conscious excitement as well which added element of curiosity to the entire session. All this excitement was backed up with beautiful ambiance, elegant feeling and tasty meals.

Next morning the aim was to build transition and shuffljavascript:void(0)e participants so that they can attain ability to work with diverse and changing teams. To meet this objective, the collaborative team activity was executed in which participants were supposed to construct a blind stretcher with the aid of human capital and all the allocated resources and later carry one of the team members to specified destination through lot of clues provided to reach the same. The activity was path breaking as it demanded lot of mental skills and physical endurance to plan, coordinate, execute and accomplish.
At the end of session the participants were highly delighted to observe the rapid transition and positive development in their attitude and better crafted to work for dynamic and performing teams.

Training Team for Outbound : Ravi Dabbiroo and Kishore Repaka