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how much should one consume?

how much should one consume?

this question has been baffling me since quite some time..

i have written my views in quotes below mid-2007 when there was money all around

"consumerism has been a boon to all the retail big wigs around the world. and yes it has got indians flight of fancy too. my question is how much is too much? the ugly head is excessive consumerism in simple words people buying too many things than they require. this is the new age junk mind set. the upside is retailers making more money. the downside is ... guess its a long list. it has a huge impact on the eco system. by buying more we are creating a divide... so how do we stop it?"

unwind to the present ... we are in midst of a economic crisis... my view hasnt changed much. i was in one of the gurgaon malls .. SALE SALE SALE was written all over... to my surprise people were buying in hoards as if there is no tomorrow...

i asked couple of the shoppers why were they buying in excess.... the answer ... sasta hain "its cheap in english" huh .... the inner guilt has clearly been greed.... this is what drives excessive consumerism...

and the divide continues

any body has anwers for this ???

hyderabad ahoy 2

my operations team was excited about their on the ground reports from hyderabad. as luck would have it we have first hand information from Andhra Pradesh Government that they have identified adventure as a key driver of toursim. ( pure coincidence )

follow your dreams and the world will pave way for you. it cant get better than this.

hyderabad ahoy!

hyderabad ahoy!

we have successfully conducted our first adventure offsite in hyderabad. client [ not satyam... :) ] dr. reddy labs.

on the ground reports suggest that the participants received our offering very well. it is indeed a proud moment for me to execute in hyderabad as i am a hyderabadi.

now the day is not far where zice holidays will scale up operations in hyderabad, andhra pradesh.

iit kanpur : my learnings

i was invited to adjudicate at iit kanpur for their business festival [ jan 7 to 9' 2009 ]. this festival saw some of the best folks from various b-schools competing for the business plan award.

[ this indeed was zice holidays first at iit.]

it was a humbling experience for me as some of them came up with out of the box ideas which running businesses can implement.

also the level of enthusiasm about the winning team was infectious. i guess in order to succeed as an entrepreneur one has to have infectious energy. hard times like these need young and enterprising folks with such energy.

so bottom line e-n-e-r-g-y is a necessary prerequisite.