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now what is your definition of adventure !

How can one define adventure ? this question baffled me many a times, but being in the game of adventure made me think.. and here are some of thhoughts....

Any activity where a certain degree of "risk" is perceived by the particpant ... and the thrill that one gets staked upon by unforseen events.

Heard some one quoting ".... one that happens without design" .. so whats your definition of adventure ?

adventerously .... ravi !

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Cant buy me love

Can't buy me love

I've been thinking about ...

One of the most powerful misconceptions in the world of marketing is that a bigger budget buys better marketing. It strikes me time and again that you can't buy great marketing, you just have to do it.

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Power of Thank You

About Performance

“Performance” stems from Engagement ... Encouragement ... Passion ... Appreciation ... Public recognition ... Respect.
“Thanking” is a big part of that.

The power of THANK YOU.

Think: THANK YOU POWER! (And “power” it is!)
Hints: (1) Make it “permanent”—send a note. (2) HANDWRITTEN notes beat emails!!!!!!! (3) This applies equally at age 18 in a
“powerless” job, as well as at age 48 as Honcho. (4) Do this especially when you “don’t have time”—at the end of a stressful day. (5)
Make it a “formal” habit—do it at the end of the day, say, every 2 or 3 days. (6) If you can’t think of anything or anyone to say “Thank
you” to—I suggest you go see a shrink.

Thank You for reading !
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Year 2004


Year 2004 was a year of reckoning to me. My life as a entrepreneur had begun. I realized that the transformation from thinking to doing is a path laden with opportunities and challenges. Learnings in 2004 are:

* Business is a mind game
* Follow your GUT
* Communicate Comunicate Communicate ... till it is clear.
* Importance of Agreements

Would outline the goals for 2005 in my coming blog.

Have a great year ahead.

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