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Solo Trek to Garhwal and Inductive learning ....


this is what blogging can do... i am blogging this from dehardoon.. was on a solo trek reccee'ng the rough garhwal. the adventure started right from the word go...

i have reached new delhi station at 2200 hrs top catch my train to doon... as my turn in the counter came to buy the ticket I was gladly informed that the train starts from old Delhi station... Boy with 20 mink in hand I had no other option but to rush to old Delhi station... Knowing delhis traffic that was an impossible thing to do ... ( impossible is a big word thrown in by people... the adidas ad ... that pepped me up ) and i had to take the risk..

learning 1

ps: there are special auto drivers in new delhi station whe specialize in this service of "flying" the confused passengers from new delhi station to old delhi.. and ofcourse this service comes at a premium... if you ever face scuh a situation relax... 15 mins dot is what they take to land you in the old delhi station.. passing thro some lanes.. god knows which lanes are that....!

the premium that they charge is any where between 50 rs to 200 rs... sensing your urgency.. so keep your cool and if if you have 15 mins at hand. You know the right price to bargain for..

also please do confirmmmmmm which station is it new delhi or old delhi... tackling the problem at the root...

day 1

After having reached deharadoon, i boarded the mussorie govt bus ( ofcourse to reach mussorie) ... costs 23 rs.. avoid taxi pit fall... dehardoon to mussorie is connected well by bus service.. taxi would cost 85 to 100 rs per person..

If you tend to go to any place for the first time .... relax and look for information.. else you will waste your money... on taxis and middle men... i call these guys the timps ( travel pimps )

... need to catch my tarin to delhi... will continue this series... tommorrow..