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what's your definition of LUCK a>

Met a fellow entrepreneur couple of days back and had an intresting exchange on LUCK. Her definition was simple... The more people you meet the more luckier you are... And mind you this holds gooooood. SO go meet people and get lucky ..

It works

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Poll ...


GUYS! WAKE UP ... I have recently posted a poll on my college blog eliciting the responses for the batch strength .. It was quite strange that we had a disparity in reaching a number.

Given today's fast life ... Its quite sad to note that the importance of staying connected is loosing its flavor.


STAY IN TOUCH : This is a strong message that I would like to send across. The power of staying in touch is directly proportional to the reach.

YOU SAVE: YES! You save lots of time, energy and effort if you are in touch with your friends .... Because they are the best folks to help you in times of help or otherwise

EMOTIONAL CONNECT: The whole thing of staying connected looses its sense if EMOTION is missing... People develop a good bull shit detecting technique at an early age .... As early as 12 years... So no BULL please.

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