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Think long-term

Think long term

This is an extract from Rajesh Setty, RS is an entrepreneur, author and teacher. Setty serves as the chairman of CIGNEX Technologies, Inc, a company he co-founded in 2000.

If we ask a kid, “What are you doing?” the response you will get is something like “playing”, “reading”, “watching TV”, etc. The time horizon for kids is very short. If we ask “What do you do in school?” again the response will be about what they will do on that particular day in theschool.
When we grow up, unfortunately (for most of us) the time horizons don’t extend very far.When we ask, “What do you do?” to someone, most often the response will be related to their job and their role in the company. Very rarely, will you hear a passionate answer about how someone is going to change the world. Very rarely will you hear an answer that will cover the time horizon of a lifetime.

I continue to believe that we are becoming a world of “short-term thinkers.” My good friend Vallal told me a few months ago that “we overestimate what we can achieve in a day and we underestimate what we can achieve in a year.” This is so true. Take a look at some of your daily “to-do” lists. Very rarely will you check off everything you planned to do that day. Now,take a look at your annual plan (if you don’t have one, please create one right away) and see if that’s the best you can do in a year. You will be amazed at what all you can pack in a year with some discipline and commitment.
We can distinguish ourselves just by refusing to give in to the temptation of “short-term
results.” Next time, when someone asks “What do you do?” think of your lifetime as the time horizon and try to answer the question. Again, if you have not thought this through, please don’t try to answer this question in the next few minutes (short-term) as it may take a while to figure this out (long-term)

I am going out on a raft run to rishikesh ... to figure out my long term goal ...

ravi on the raft ...... | zice holidays !

Design and Life

Design and Life !

Have spent good 3 hrs of my day designing a document. This was to announce the launch of our rafting camp. Rafting has become a commodity of late. It all boils down to who gives the lowest price !

I guess design can be a great point of differenciation when it comes to something that has become a commodity. This brochure has come up quite well. And apart from all the regular ingredients of a raft run I am hoping the design to do some talk as well.

Click the link to down load this brochure from Zice Holidays.

Go Rafting !

If you are wondering what design has to do with life ... stay glued will touch this aspect soon !

ravi | zice holidays

Community Travel !

Community Travel !

Fast paced life .. Guess thats the mode where every one is logged in. But how far and how fast can we stretch? Where does this lead to? In doing so we have lost in touch with our roots, and to be in touch with the culture where you are coming from is very critical to keep the H_U_M_A_N touch.

The solution that I see ... Is community travel. Where people who belong to a same community and similiar cultures travel to their place of orgin ... Experience the stay and learn about where they are coming from ...

what say! GET CONNECTED ...

Ravi Dabbiroo | Zice Holidays !


Game !

When in Business what works it M-B-W-A and by doing this one will know how to play the game ... the rules that are set in board rooms ... are changed by the folks who work ... who work bloody hard ... and in doing so they set their own rules ... now if one cant play the GAME with the new rules .. he is all set to get viped out of the seen.

Now as a leader the onus in on oneself to wander around and get to know the rules .....

Go play the GAME !

M-B-W-A : Management by Wandering Around

Keep Playing !
Salaam Namaste .... Ravi