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Learning .. Liviing.. Looking

ravi dabbiroo

This is a self assessment tool for a individual and a entrepreneur. Learn form the past. Live in the present. Look forward for the future.

Learning from the past is an important exercise that an entrepreneur has to incorporate in his tool set. E.g.: Our recent experience with a client in terms of service agreement mentioned in the second blog, was a key – learning for us. We have incorporated signing of service agreement with the clients as a compulsory practice. Though sticking to the service agreement is a difficult preposition with the client. This is a tough stance that we have taken.

Live (work) in the present. This is a dynamic indicator: a mix of the past and future. Let me share a “pre execution“experience. The client after signing the agreement was behaving in a way that was detrimental to the agreement. The pretext was that the future business dealings have to be taken care of? Now is that a carrot that is thrown in our way? Or is he sending us a warning signal: That the future business could be affected. How does one act in such a scenario. The best thing is to pause for a moment take some time and think of the best possible execution. Here it is critical to know the strength of the product. Since we at zice believe in our execution of maximizing the camping experience (the product) has taken a call to stick to the agreement. Though with the client this decision has not gone well. Here was a situation where we have to live in the present, looking forward for the future.

With this I look forward for the future.

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