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Zicelife is a company started by Ravi Dabbiroo : We deal in Outbound Training, Corporate Offsites, Team Building Workshops in Delhi and Hyderabad. www.zycexplore.com/#outbound

a thought on quality

An excerpt from “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” sums it up well- “You have to be awfully stylish yourself not to get sick of it once in a while. It’s the style that gets you: technological ugliness syruped over with romantic phoniness in an effort to produce beauty and profit by people who, though stylish, don’t know where to start because no one has ever told them there’s such a thing as Quality in this world and it’s real, not style. Quality isn’t something that you lay on top of subjects and objects like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Real Quality must be the source of the subjects and objects, the cone from which the tree must start”.

A friend in need

A friend in need

Your customers and employees and investors will remember how you treated them when times were tough, when they needed a break, when a little support meant everything.

No one in particular will remember how you acted during the boom times.

The above was posted by Seth Godin. I cannot but say YES to what he says .... It is so true.

Talking about my own industry i.e travel, is going through a rough patch. We have decided that the best way to be close to the customer is in tough times and not in boom times. We have double our efforts in CRM.