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Why we are the way we are

Why we are the way we are

We only have inklings as to how we are the way we are. Which parts of any of us are made, which parts self-made, and which parts born? The question inst easy one to answer, and we cant answer it solely; we define ourselves in our relations to other people: parents, mates, adversaries, boses, kids. What surviving cancer teaches you is the magnitude of your dependence on others, not just for self-definition, but for your mere existence. Cancer robs you of your independence; you are dependent on stoic doctors, nurses, parents, people around you, you will never be casual about your place in the human chain.

This was what legendery bike champ "Lance Armstrong" has to say on his life after cancer. He survived cancer and went on to win Six tour de france championships.

The story inspires me to a great extent. I always question my self what is it that I am going to day today.

T-O-D-A-Y is just not another day. It is a day where extraordinary things can be done. I am here today to acknowledge my presence in the human chain and am here to create a IMPACT.

cheers ravi

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