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CRM :: Cutomer Relationship

CRM :: Cutomer Relationship

Why, despite spending billions of dollars in customer relationship programs and other customer initiatives, do some companies still exhibit poor results in gaining and holding on to customers?
Intentions and initiatives are common, but the harder task is living and executing them. Passionate and Profitable takes a critical stand on customer relationships and offers a new approach to help you build strong relationships that have customers returning again and again—for years to come!

There is not one company out there that doesn't claim to put their customers first, yet very few of them can demonstrate long-term success in forming strong, sustainable, and profitable relationships with customers.

A case in point is our company zice holidays when we started we dreamnt of creating everlasting customer experiences. Though in the initial stages we used to go .. some where we had to make a trade off... and that was one thing that we learnt from... to become a great company CRM has to be a part of the culture. We realized this and are in the process of having systems in place through which we can track our customer preferences and build a strong customer focussed organization.

So check us out on CRM in times to come and we will provide great experiences for lifetime. We value your holiday and you.

Passionate and Profitable details the critical decisions and trade-offs companies must make in order to focus their efforts on the customer. These choices are often tough but necessary to establish a relationship that goes beyond the occasional and accidental.

Some KEY questions to find answers are::

Who Are We: Customer Pleasers or Efficiency Crunchers?
What Is the Role of the Customer in Our Existence?
What Defines Our Total Experience?
What Customers Do We Neglect?
What Kind of Relationships Do We Seek?
How Do We Change Ourselves to Avoid the Silo-Based Customer Trap?
Do We Employ Functional Robots or Passionate Evangelists?
Post-Sales Dialogue and Feedback, Do We Really Care?
What Do Our Measurements Say About Us?
How Long Do We Milk Our Products?

Lior Arussy is the founder and president of Strativity Group, Inc., is the author of the above article, I have made changes to effectively present my case.


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