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Five Simple Clues for How to Recognize a Great Salesperson

Five Simple Clues for How to Recognize
a Great Salesperson

To understand what makes a great salesperson it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Only then will you truly understand how to distinguish between a great sales person who can have a significant impact on the customer's bottom line and the conventional "Commission Seekers".

So how do you distinguish top professionals from the traditional sellers? Your ability to spot the top professional is more and more critical to your, your company's, and your customers' success. Look for these clues on how to spot great sales professionals:

1) They diagnose the customer's problem
2) They ask questions, rather than tell stories
3) They let the customer set the pace
4) They help the customer calculate the cost of their problem
5) They don't let the customer fall into the "creeping elegance" trap.

So guys now you know how to recognize your sales hi pots ...

You can check out the full article here authored by Jeff Thull.

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