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Zicelife is a company started by Ravi Dabbiroo : We deal in Outbound Training, Corporate Offsites, Team Building Workshops in Delhi and Hyderabad. www.zycexplore.com/#outbound


Game !

When in Business what works it M-B-W-A and by doing this one will know how to play the game ... the rules that are set in board rooms ... are changed by the folks who work ... who work bloody hard ... and in doing so they set their own rules ... now if one cant play the GAME with the new rules .. he is all set to get viped out of the seen.

Now as a leader the onus in on oneself to wander around and get to know the rules .....

Go play the GAME !

M-B-W-A : Management by Wandering Around

Keep Playing !
Salaam Namaste .... Ravi