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Training the mind to think

It is important to look for facts and patterns among a variety of sources and integrate them in a systematic and insightful manner that is useful for soliving the specific problem.

The interactions that we have with our clients or customers must be made productive by findng a pattern that would be of help to design a sales pitch or a service call accordingly.

Let us imagine a scenraio where we have 5 mins to make a sales pitch for the top boss in an organization. To maximize the return on the pitch we can do a study about pattern of the boss by finding the details about him from his sub-ordinates and we can present the case accordingly.

The art of asking good questions. This is a very important tool that a sales manager has with him. In any sales presentation there are certain taxonomy of questions that can be used to triangulate information. This would give the sales manager to find the gap and picth in accordingly.

Next Blog would be on the taxonomy of these questions.

Cheers Ravi.