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What Motivates Youth ?


DKnox has said Personalization, Self Expression and Community. I completely agree with him.

COMMUNITY  While today's youth want to stand out and express their individuality, they also strive to feel connected with each other (both locally and globally).  This community is created by shared experiences and constant communication (IM, texting, Facebook).

My personal experience has been very positive about it. Brands which are primarily driven by emotions can make a great impact here. So do politicians ( case : OBAMA )

PERSONALIZATION  Today's youth demand control. They are used to customizing and personalizing everything in their lives.  They demand products and services that suit their moods and want to live in an on-demand world that they can control.

EG: www.jonessoda.com

SELF-EXPRESSION  In the hands of Gen Y, brands get articulated in more ways than the brand itself could ever imagine. Gen Y doesn't wait for permission to morph a brand. They are constantly seeking ways to have their voices heard and put their stamp of self-expression on products.  Brands can become a badge for what they stand for.

EG: iCHALLENGER by Zice Adventure

Source: DN