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Zicelife is a company started by Ravi Dabbiroo : We deal in Outbound Training, Corporate Offsites, Team Building Workshops in Delhi and Hyderabad. www.zycexplore.com/#outbound


How about partnering with a emerging online portal ? This was the idea that was thrown around in our company ... and yes we are all excited.

Though given the fact that we see ourselves as a company with strong online presence in the coming years. Wouldnt partnering with a competitor sabotage your growth plans ?

On the face of it YES ? But if you dig deep through the question I think we can actually complement each other. As the lady from the partnering compay put it this way "synergy will be excellent you have good product to service and sell we have the infrasture n market expertise to sell "

This sets the tone for partnering with an exciting equal who would love to thrive in win-win relationships. Guess thats the mantra for partnering !

Cheers for EXCITING Partnerships ! Ravi.