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Power of Thank You

About Performance

“Performance” stems from Engagement ... Encouragement ... Passion ... Appreciation ... Public recognition ... Respect.
“Thanking” is a big part of that.

The power of THANK YOU.

Think: THANK YOU POWER! (And “power” it is!)
Hints: (1) Make it “permanent”—send a note. (2) HANDWRITTEN notes beat emails!!!!!!! (3) This applies equally at age 18 in a
“powerless” job, as well as at age 48 as Honcho. (4) Do this especially when you “don’t have time”—at the end of a stressful day. (5)
Make it a “formal” habit—do it at the end of the day, say, every 2 or 3 days. (6) If you can’t think of anything or anyone to say “Thank
you” to—I suggest you go see a shrink.

Thank You for reading !
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